August 31

Monday 8/31/15 Math

Welcome to Math!

Please take out:

  • math folder
  • Review Test p. CA 17-20 and scratch paper used
  • parent homework (if parent wrote on paper)


Today we will learn about…

1.1 Identifying Integers and Their Opposites, p. 7-9

  • Preview video
  • Explore Activity 1, p. 7
  • Explore Activity 2, p. 8
  • Integers and Opposites on a Number Line, p. 9



  1. Do Guided Practice, p. 10 (1-11).
  2. Be prepared to share your answer to #11 in class tomorrow.
August 28

Friday 8/28/15 Math

Welcome to Math with Miss Nichols


We are going to learn a lot this year!

Before you find your seat, go to the far counter and get:

  • one colored folder
  • a math book

Then go to the seat with your name card and wait quietly for instructions.



1. Write your first and last name on the sticker with a marker.


2. Put the marker back in the set. You are now done with the markers.


3. Place the sticker on the front of your colored folder.


4. Carefully tear out pages 1-70, one bit at a time. Keep the pages in order.


5. Open the brads in the folder and put pages 1-70 in and close them up.


6. Carefully tear out the Review Test on pages CA 17-20 of your math book. Write your first and last name on them in pencil and begin working on this Review Test.

What you do not finish in class is homework for the weekend. All four pages are due Monday.



1. Review Test p. CA 17-20.

2. Parent Homework: Give parent sheet or ask them to check their email for the same thing. They can respond to me by email or on the paper. This is also due Monday or as soon as they can get to it.

August 28

Friday 8/28/15 Language Arts

Per. 1 (8:15-9:05)

Take out:

  • Agenda, open to this week
  • Summer Reading Assignment (if not already turned in)
  • Parent Packet Strip (if not already turned in)
  • Writing Survey

Check that your name is on each item.

Begin working on the Reading Survey that is on your desk.

8:30 – First Team Yale Huddle in Auditorium

Per. 2 (9:08-9:58)

Poem of the Day: You Can’t Write a Poem About McDonald’s

Per. 3 (10:03-10:42)

Intro to Booktalks / Things I Want to Read list

Finding and checking out books

Intro to daily reading homework (write this in agenda):

  • Title
  • Pages read: ____ to ____
  • 2-sentence summary
  • Parent signature

Remember to bring your book back to school with you everyday!