March 9 2017

Thursday 3/9/17 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Per. 1 (9:47-11:14)

Please Take Out:

  • Chromebook
  • earbuds/headphones
  • Watsons book

Warm Up:

Post your full Watsons theme statement on this Padlet. Remember to type your name as the title.

Learning Target copy


Learning Target: Students will be able to write claims with clear reasons and draw relevant evidence from a text to support analysis and reflection. Students will also be able to use appropriate transitions to clarify the relationships among ideas and concepts in their writing.

Using Transition Words:

Revise your 3-paragraph essay inserting transition words that help connect the flow of ideas.


  1. Read 30 pages in a book of your choice and log in agenda: Title, pg. ____ to ____, 2-sentence summary, parent signature.
  2. Finish Watsons essay and turn in on Classroom.

Per. 3 (12:04-12:50)

Safe Online Talk lesson

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I am a teacher of 6th grade honors language arts and math at Jane Addams Middle School in Lawndale, CA.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 3/9/17 – Language Arts

  1. jaredchickfila123

    For Accelerated You put 13.4 quiz on our dashboard but period 8. hasn’t done the practice yet.I hope you can put the practice on or i’m not sure if we do the quiz so may you put the quiz on our dashboard?
    Sorry for the disturbance and Thank you

    1. missnichols (Post author)

      Thanks for letting me know, Jared. I will put the practice on right now. Ignore the quiz until you have done the practice.


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