March 17 2017

Friday 3/17/17 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Per. 1 (8:15-9:05)

Please Take Out:

  • Chromebook
  • earbuds/headphones

Warm Up:

Skill: Central or Main Idea

  • Discuss
  • Diagnose
  • Your Turn

8:30 – Honor Roll Breakfast

Work on Student Blogging Challenge #2

Per. 2 (9:05-9:58)

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Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to explain the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: what they are, why they are important, and how they relate to the learner her/himself.

World’s Largest Lesson Part 2 video

Read Goal Comic Posters

Read Changemakers Take Action

Leave a comment on the blog: What did you learn about how young people have changed the world? What ideas do you have for making positive change in the world?



  1. Read 30+ pages in a book of your choice and log in agenda (2+ days).
  2. Finish and turn in any assignments on Classroom that you have not completed yet.

Per. 3 (10:03-10:42)

Creator’s Rights Lesson

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26 thoughts on “Friday 3/17/17 – Language Arts

  1. giselle122

    What I have learned about how young people changed the world is by creating inventions and making better ways to help or world.For example one person made a way so that we wouldn use so much water when we flush the toilet.This is important because now we can have a better earth and we can now conserve things and not have a problem.What ideas I have to making a positive change in are world is some way to conserve water a little bit better because we use water in a lot of are daily tasks and most importantly we need it to drink next I would help or find someway to have are earth less polluted.

  2. blankisaac

    I learned that kids are changing the world. Like the two girl that live in Bali, they are cleaning up the ocean. They say when people throw plastic on the floor most of it goes to the ocean. I will get a lot of food and give it to the people who could not afford food, Also I will make a school for the unfortunate. I would do this because some kids get home schooled and they don’t get the right things they need to learn. some kids don’t have schools where they are at. Back to the food. Some people have a whole table of food and they only eat a little of it and throw the rest away. But the people with know money don’t have enough money. some family have kids and they are poor so the child barley eats. that is why people have to be more concerned about other people. A lot of people die of hunger a year. Those people who throw away there food, other people would want it. Those people who don’t have food go throw trash cans for food and the trash cans are dirty so the food gets the poor people are getting sick and dieing because they are eating unhealthy food.

  3. mi1391am

    I learned some young people made smart innovations or are doing things that help other people or things. In the little article there is a guy named Rohit Fenn who made a toilet that saves water. This is a very smart idea because imagine what we can do with that saved water. I saw there is this other girl named Muzoon Almellehan who goes to refugee camps and makes sure girls are getting good education. This is important because the more people that have education the more people we are going to have in the world that helps us by doing things. I think we can do simple things to help the world like pick up trash or help someone with their groceries, just by doing that you are helping something or someone.

  4. active1alissa

    what i have learned about how young people changed world in the video is how much of inventions the have made to prevent losing water and banana peel bags instead of plastic bags and how the 2 girls picked up plastic bags up from there beach what I have learned if more people we can change the world

  5. kamrynparadise

    I learned that in the video young people made things from things that we waste and don’t use. In the video a young girl in Turkey had bananas then put the peel on the ground then started using plastic. A teenager in Syria was mad about her friends in Syria not getting an education and started a march then learned how to speak english. In India another teenager learned how to use water to make toilets. This is important because it shows that we can make something out of nothing.

  6. kamilasoccer34

    I learned that people have invented and did so many things to help our Planet. One thing they did was they invented things like toilet flushing has a lot of water, so this guy invented a thing so that not much water was being flushed. Another girl invented a thing with banana peels, instead of wasting banana peels she made it to food, you would mix the banana peel with water and would make it to food. Another thing people did was they encourage communities to help the environment. For example a group in Philadelphia, had a gardening community and planted a lot of fruits and veggies. Also in a island they have a community, the community was about taking plastic bags out of the ocean keep their island clean. I got this information from a video I watched about the global goals.

  7. lizbethsoccer10

    I’ve learned that young people change the world in many ways. For example, Melati and Isabel are making a big change in the world by picking up trash and plastic bags that are killing underwater animals. Also Elif Bilgin is also making big changes to the world by making plastic out of banana peels. Some ideas I have to also make changes in the world are to keep trash away form the ocean and to also pick up trash when I see it.

  8. marmar101

    I learned that kids our age and younger are inspiring people to change the world. I think what i can do to make positive change is help clean the environment.

    1. missnichols (Post author)

      Marleth, Can you give a couple of examples of kids who have changed the world? What specifically interested you in what we learned this morning?

  9. jujuisawesome32

    I’ve learned that as young people we have endless ideas to change the world but we don’t take action on those ideas and we shouldn’t be scared on changing the world because one day you can be one of those people that can be a person in history that you can change the world forever and i got this evidence from the comic. Another one is that some ideas that i have on changing the world is that my main thing to do is stop poverty once and for all because i want to live in a world where i don’t walk seeing tents all over the place. Another i really want to do is help injured animals i don’t want to see an animal with a broken and clean them for they can not die ! those are my answers.

  10. tylerdaturtle

    What learned about how young people have changed the world is that they changed how the world was before they got rid of plastic bags, let toilets use less water when flushing,

    Ideas I have for making positive change in the world is to stop pollution because if pollution stopped animals wouldn’t be in danger anymore and all animals could be safe

  11. ethanhunt104

    What had surprised me is that how that one person can change the world and how everyone acts throughout the whole world and how people can do this and one action you make can change the entire world

    1. missnichols (Post author)

      Ethan, can you give a couple of specific examples of people changing the world that you learned about today?

  12. supernova9254

    I have learned that young people can help change the world too because in the video a boy named Rahit and like a toilet uses 6 liters of water each time it flushed Rahit made a toilet that uses half of 6 liters. Also some ideas I have to make a positive change in the world is to clean the oceans,lakes, and rivers from all the trash that is left in the water. Another idea I have that can make a change is when people cut down trees, I can plant more trees and take care of the trees.

  13. mosey153

    I learned that young people have changed the world because of the article. In the article it said that Rohit made a special vacuum that would save half of the water for toilets so that they don´t waste a lot of water. This matters because if he would have not done this then in that country they would still be losing so much water when they could be saving a lot more. I want to have climate action and clean water. I say this because without our environment, then we would not have the resources to survive and we would die. I also say this because if we don´t have clean water then we will not be able to sustain or bodies and we will die.

  14. mikayla21fly

    What I have learned about the young people is that I liked how they made our world change. For example, in the video how the boy changed the toilets so that his people wouldn’t waste that much water, also like the girl where she recycled banana peels and then how the other girl helped her river get clean by taking all the trash (plastic bags) out of the water. Also how the comic book said that we need everyone to be equal and how parents shouldn’t force girls to marry when young they should be going to school. This is what kids have been doing to our world which is amazing.
    The ideas that I have to change our world is to have a very great planet and make it amazing to where there wouldn’t be any pollution, violence, and racism, I want our world to be a very good and nice world without any of the bad things that are happening know.

  15. camila7

    WOW!I was suprised to learn that China was the biggest source of plastic rubbish. I didn’t know that some people treated different people badly or differently because of their gender for example in the comic it said that girls don’t have the same rights in other countries, and that they are forced to work which doesn’t give them a chance at education, they’re also forced to marry very young.

  16. jaredchickfila123

    What I’ve learned about how young people have changed the world is that it doesn’t matter what age you are,as anyone can make a change to the world.For example,in the story,”Changemakers”,we saw how Melati and Isabel were starting to try and get rid of as much plastic bags as they can around their home.This matters because if we see how to girls ages 10 and 12,making a change to our environment,then we can too.

    Some ideas I have to the world is that to try and think of alternative ways to stop pollution.For example,factories are very useful to us but they cause air pollution,which hurts our environment.This matters because if we find an alternative,our world will be much safer.

  17. juliehorchata

    One idea I saw that was really rad and could make a significant difference was the one that Elin Bilgin provided. I thought her idea was neat because she took her time to try and create a non-polluting bag and even though she failed multiple times she finally had a solution for this big problem. Her solution was to have a plastic bag made of banana peels that would not decay. I thought that this was cool because it could connect to the first article about the two sisters trying to save the ocean’s ecosystems because that way the plastic bags would not need to be burned. I do not only think that this bag could help Bali but many other people around the world.

  18. erandi27

    What I have learned by reading and watching the three sources that people have done to change the world was that people in many places in the world can invent things that will help the planet. For example in the video a boy in another country invented a toilet that when you flush it you don’t use as much water. I also learned that people can be creative and just do what you can to help Earth. Some thing that I can do that will help Earth and make a campaign that will help pick up trash on certain places in certain times where everyone that cares about the planet can save. Well Miss Nichols, I would like to hear some of your thoughts that you think will help and change the world.
    – Erandi

  19. Andrea

    I realized that people are coming up with new ways to not hurt the planet.Just like getting rid of grocery bags because they normally will get thrown away.It said that in chang makers take action.Also in the video it showed people trying to save water when toilets flush and trying to stop pollution with bananas.

  20. savagedelilah

    I learned how young people have changed the world by people speaking out and how they maybe told people, to help. For example in the text it states, Beginning when they were just 10 and 12, Melati and Isabel galvanized support from their classmates, and their efforts including petitions, beach cleanups, even a hunger strike — paid off when they convinced their governor to commit to a plastic bag-free
    Bali by 2018.¨This shows that many people can speak and help the community.Some ideas I have for making positive change in the world have a club,we can meet once a week and clean up the beaches, and many more places. This can be an idea that can change the world.

  21. Nelson

    People can be changing the world planting or helping in beaches.I can get big groups and they can help clean up the earth or plant like some thing good for the earth and something we need.

  22. angelnotsoangel11

    I learned that many many people care about the world about animals and violence. I think that we should have a leader who really loves the world.

  23. jacobgamer21

    I leraned about some women are still not getting education after malala
    one Idea making a positive change is to make clean energy no generators tht polute the air and make energy so we could shot down polluted making and make non polluting energy and to make electric cars instead fueled cars


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