May 11 2017

Thursday 5/11/17 – Language Arts

Per. 1 (9:47-11:14)

Component Groups

  • Images & Infographics –> Ms. Mahoney
  • Explainer & Storytelling Videos –> Mrs. Figueroa
  • Music & Writing –> Miss Nichols

Please Take Out:

  • Chromebook
  • earbuds/headphones

Content Creation

Image result for content creation

Open group folder and find document called “Bios”. Write your mini-bio by answering the questions in column two. Take a picture of yourself (funny faces are okay, but nothing inappropriate) and add your photo in column three.

Review story ideas from Monday and component planning chart

  • Music Group – if you finish song with lyrics and longer instrumental version, write a podcast like the ones here.
  • Writing Group – if you finish your need, help, and support paragraphs (make sure you have a call to action!), use Google Translate to convert these into Spanish and copy/paste under the English.


  1. Read 30+ pages in a book of your choice and log in agenda.
  2. Finish and turn in any assignments on Classroom and StudySync that you have not completed yet.


Per. 3 (12:04-12:50)

What is a Digital Breakout?

Try this game (in groups of three): Og’s Great Adventure

Work on Student Blogging Challenge #8

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