May 15 2017

Monday 5/15/17 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please Take Out:

  • Chromebook
  • math spiral
  • pencil

Preparing for SBAC Math Performance Task

Go to

  • Practice & Training Tests
  • Student Interface (green button)
  • Sign in as Guest
  • Select Grade 6
  • Select the pink NEW Grade 6 Math Performance Task (on the right)

Image result for goldfish hamster turtle

Read everything on the left completely. Highlight important parts of the task.

Read each part of the problem carefully. Do all work on scratch, then explain your work where they want you to explain (2-5).

Share your work with your partner.



  1. Finish all assignments on dashboard.

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I am a teacher of 6th grade honors language arts and math at Jane Addams Middle School in Lawndale, CA.

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