June 5 2017

Monday 6/5/17 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please Take Out:

  • Chromebook
  • earbuds/headphones
  • packet
  • math spiral
  • pencil


Expected – 13.4: Area of Polygons, p. 391

Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to find the area of right triangles, other triangles, special quadrilaterals, and polygons by composing into rectangles or decomposing into triangles and other shapes, and apply these techniques in the context of solving real-world and mathematical problems.

  • Do 13.4 ISE: Take notes in packet and do all Your Turn/Reflect questions.
  • Do 13.4 Practice when finished.

Accelerated – Finish everything on dashboard

Image result for logic puzzle

  • Do Logic Puzzles when finished. (http://www.logic-puzzles.org/)


E: Finish everything on dashboard up to and including 13.4 Practice.

A: Finish everything on dashboard.

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I am a teacher of 6th grade honors language arts and math at Jane Addams Middle School in Lawndale, CA.

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