September 7 2017

Thursday 9/7/17 – Language Arts

Digital and Information Literacy

Per. 3 (9:33-10:47)

Trillion Dollar Footprint 

Language Arts

Per. 1 (11:36-12:50)

Please take out:

  • Things I Want to Read list
  • independent reading book
  • in-class Reading Log
  • agenda, if name is on board

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Learning Target copy


Learning Target: Students will be able to define and practice concrete strategies for using context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words.

StudySync: Skill – Context Clues

Apply using Context Clues to your independent reading:

  • Find two words you were unfamiliar with in your reading
  • Use the context clues to guess their meaning
  • Look up the words in a dictionary to see if you were right

Reading Minute: One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Independent Reading


  1. Read 20+ pages and log in your agenda:
    1. Book title
    2. Page #s you read (p. ____ to p. ____)
    3. The BTH (Who, what, when, where) + 1 new word!
    4. Get parent signature

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