September 11 2017

Monday 9/11/17 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please take out:

  • Unit 1 packet
  • pencil



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Lesson: 1.2 Comparing and Ordering Integers

Learning Target copy



Learning Target: Students will be able to explain how to compare and order integers.


  • Ordering Positive and Negative Integers, p. 14
    • How does a number line help you order a set of integers?
    • What is the best score Fred recorded for the week and when does it occur? How do you know?
    • How do integers change as you move farther left from zero on the number line?

    Do Your Turn, p.14 (2-3)

    • What do the following changes in stock prices mean? -$5, $4, and $0?
  • Writing Inequalities, p. 15 – Math on the Spot Video & Example 2
    • Can you always write two different inequality statements to compare two numbers with different values? Explain.
    • If -1 is the greatest negative integer, is there a least negative integer? Explain.
  •  Do Your Turn, p. 15 (4-8)
    • Remember that an inequality sign always points to the lesser of two numbers.
    • The mouth is always open to the bigger number.


How is a number line used to compare and order integers?

  • Do Guided Practice, p. 16 (odds)
  • Do Independent Practice, p. 17-18 (odds)


  1. Do p. 16-18 (evens).
  2. Get 1.1 Quiz signed by parent.

(Switch name cards for next class.)

I hope you had a great day!

See you tomorrow!

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