October 17 2017

Tuesday 10/17/17 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please take out:

  • Module 5 packet
  • spiral notebook
  • pencil
  • Chromebook


Count by 4s and 8s

5.1: Dividing Whole Numbers

Learning Target copy


Learning Target: Students will be able to fluently divide multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.


There are 10,845 books in a library. If 45 books can fit on a shelf, how many shelves are needed?

  • In this problem, which number is the divisor? The dividend? How could we estimate the quotient?


Round each number to the tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, and hundred thousands place:

  • 256,341
  • 968,398
  • 1,245,172
  • 2,045,917


How can you check your answer to a division problem?

Example 2, p. 109:

  • What does the remainder mean in this problem?
  • Which value represents the dividend? Which represents the divisor?
  • Suppose Callie packs 10 books in each box. Will she have any books left over? How do you know?


What steps should be used when dividing large numbers?

Guided Practice:

  • In a problem like 20 ÷ 5, which number goes inside the division house? What is this called? Which one goes outside? What is the name for this?
  • When would you use an estimate for your answer instead of the actual quotient?

Important Understandings:

  • You can use estimation to predict the approximate quotient of multi-digit whole numbers.
  • Use long division to find exact quotients. Copy down these steps:

  • Quotients sometimes include remainders “left over,” which can be written with an R or as a fraction.

 Expected – 5.1 Practice

Accelerated – 5.1 Quiz



Expected & Accelerated:

  1. Finish dashboard assignments.

(Switch name cards for next class.)

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