April 23 2018

Mon.-Tues. 4/23-4/24/18 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please take out:

  • spiral notebook
  • pencil
  • Chromebook

Warm-Up: Volume and Surface Area video

SBAC Math Review #8 – Geometry: Surface Area & Volume

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Learning Target copy


Learning Target: Students will be able to solve problems involving surface area and volume.

Geometry IAB

  • Take out all electronic devices and power off
  • Backpacks away
  • All scratch paper must be turned in

Formative: Surface Area & Volume


  1. Do 6.G: first cluster assignment on my.hrw.com.
  2. Review GO Math Mods 13 & 15 as needed.
  3. Do as many of the choice activities as you would like.

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