October 23 2018

Tuesday 10/23/18 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Please come in quietly and take out:

  • Hatchet book
  • headphones / earbuds
  • Chromebook


Per. 1 (8:15-9:05) – Language Arts

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Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to analyze how a particular passage contributes to the development of the theme of a text.

Hatchet Ch. 14 (open notes on Classroom)

Per. 2 (9:08-9:56) – Independent ReadingImage result for read

Biblionasium check: Are you reading 20+ pages 5+ days a week? Are you including the BTH (2-3 sentences), 1 thinking strategy, and the actual page numbers at the end of your comment?


  1. Read 20+ pages and log (on Biblionasium/Destiny):
    1. Title/author
    2. p. ____ to p. ____
    3. BTH (1-2 sentences: Who? What? When? Where?) + 1 visualization, thick question, use of context clues, or inference
  2. Finish Hatchet Ch. 14 notes.
  3. Academic Vocab Lesson 2 (due next Friday).

Per. 3 (10:01-10:49) – Digital and Information Literacy

Related imageThe Research Process
Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to choose a suitable topic for a research project.

Examine Research Topics:

  • Which are too broad?
  • Which are too narrow?
  • Which are just right for our project?

Open Research Process – Planning doc on Classroom

Please switch name cards for the next class.

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