May 14 2019

Tuesday 5/14/19 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Please come in quietly and take out:

  • Chromebook

Per. 3 (10:03-11:41)
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Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to brainstorm and agree on the parts of their collaborative script.

Open Collaborative Screenplay Planning doc

  • Plan:
    • RISING ACTION: 4. Into the Wide Unknown
    • 5. Having Fun
    • 6. Midpoint

Watch Digital Storytelling videos, offer feedback

Per. 1 (12:30-2:08)

Open The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street – Act I, Part 1 on Classroom

  • Read Part 1 aloud (p.3 – bottom of p. 6)
  • Close Read Questions

Continue working on Group Fable Poster:

  • Select the fable you feel is most relevant to middle school students today and explain why.
  • Create a poster that illustrates three reasons, examples, and/or elaboration and be ready to present to the class.


  1. Read 30+ pages and log on Biblionasium:
    1. Book title
    2. Page #s you read (p. ____ to p. ____)
    3. Big Thing that Happened (1-2 sentences: Who? What? When? Where?) + 1 question, prediction, inference, connection, visualization, or new word and how you guessed its meaning


Advisory (2:12-3:00)

  • Bengal News
  • Prepare Scavenger Hunt for Open House by adding links (be sure links are set to “anyone can view”)

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