April 17 2019

Weds.-Thurs. 4/17-4/18/19 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please come in quietly and take out:

  • spiral notebook
  • pencil
  • Chromebook

Warm-Up: Math Properties video

Take notes and discuss:

  1. What is the Identity Property?
  2. What does the Associative Property do?
  3. What does the Commutative Property say?
  4. How does the Distributive Property work?
  5. What do math properties allow us to do?

Write down today’s date (in a box) and lesson title:

SBAC Math Review #5 – Expressions & Equations

Related image

Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to solve problems involving expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Choice activities:

  • MangaHigh (school ID: 322479):
    • Sigma Prime
    • Function tables
    • Add and subtract terms with single variables
    • Factor using a common term
    • Explain relationships between numbers
  • Buzzmath:
    • Expressions and Equations 1
    • or do practice from CC 6th Grade Book: Expressions and Equations – Numerical Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, or Equations and Inequalities


  1. Do 6.EE: first cluster assignment on my.hrw.com.
  2. Do as many of the choice activities as you would like.

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