April 19 2019

Friday 4/19/19 – Math

Welcome to Math!

Please come in quietly and take out:

  • pencil
  • spiral notebook
  • Chromebook

Write down today’s date (in a box) and lesson title:

SBAC Math Review #6 – Dependent and Independent Variables

Image result for dependent independent variable multiple representations

Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to show two-variable relationships in equations, graphs, tables, and word problems.

Desmos Card Sort


Choice activities:

  • Buzzmath:
    • Representing Situations with Two Variables (if not already done)
    • Completing Input/Output Tables (if not already done)
    • Completing a Table of Values
    • Representing Situations as Tables of Values (Using One Operation)


  1. Do 6.EE: second cluster assignment on my.hrw.com.
  2. Do as many of the choice activities as you would like.

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