April 23 2019

Tuesday 4/23/19 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Please come in quietly and take out:

  • pencil
  • Chromebook
  • all other electronics
  • book to read

Today’s Schedule:

  • Per. 1 (8:15-10:00)
  • Per. 3 (10:03-11:41)
  • LUNCH (11:41-12:26)
  • Per. 7 (12:30-2:08)
  • Advisory (2:12-3:00)

Per. 1 (8:15-10:00)

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Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to demonstrate 6th grade language arts skills in reading and writing.

ELA Performance Task (Day 2)

  • Take your time, read (and re-read) carefully, use details, explain yourself fully
  • Read and re-read your work, use tools to fix


  1. Read 30+ pages and log on Biblionasium:
    1. Book title
    2. Page #s you read (p. ____ to p. ____)
    3. Big Thing that Happened (1-2 sentences: Who? What? When? Where?) + 1 question, prediction, inference, connection, visualization, or new word and how you guessed its meaning


Per. 3 (10:03-11:41)

Please come in quietly and take out:

  • Chromebook

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Learning Target copyLearning Target: Students will be able to plan and produce a digital storytelling project for one of their narratives.

Open Digital Storytelling Project doc on Classroom

  • Review rubric and use as checklist
  • Finish and finalize video, save to Google Drive
  • Share Drive link on Padlet wall

Advisory (2:12-3:00)

Bengal News

Team Yale Huddle in Auditorium

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