October 4 2016

Tuesday 10/4/16 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Per. 1 (8:15-9:05)

Please take out:

  • Computer


  • Tutorials: Synthesizing 1, Elaboration 1, 2
  • Elaborate (write a Stop-and-Think) in between each bullet-point note to help your reader understand why each fact is important.

How do I turn my notes into the first draft of a report?

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Learning Target copy Learning Target: Students will be able to turn their bullet-point notes and elaborating thoughts into the body paragraphs of their report, saving the introduction and conclusion paragraphs for later.

Planning and Drafting Tutorial (in pairs)

Begin drafting your three body paragraphs:

  • A-Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that turns the focus question into the beginning of an answer.
  • C-Cite a piece of evidence that supports your answer.
  • E-Elaborate on this evidence to show your reader why it is important and how it supports your main idea.
  • Repeat as many Cs and Es as needed in each body paragraph.
  • Close each body paragraph by restating the A-Answer to the focus question in different words.



  1. Read 20 pages (or more) in a chapter book of your choice and log:
    1. Title
    2. Pg. ___ to ___
    3. Two sentences about your reading
    4. Parent signature
  2. Finish drafting the three body paragraphs of your phobia report.

Per. 3 (10:02-10:42)

Please take out:

  • Language Arts spiral notebook

iStudy: Making Predictions (Day 1)

(Remember, you can leave your language arts spiral in your bin.)

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