February 25 2020

Tuesday 2/25/20 – Language Arts

Good Morning, Class!

Please come in quietly, sit, and take out:

  • Freedom Walkers book
  • headphones / earbuds
  • agenda
  • Chromebook

Write Homework in Agenda:

  1. Read 25+ pages in ____ and log on Biblionasium:
    1. Title/author
    2. p. ____ to p. ____
    3. Big Thing that Happened (2-3 sentences: Who? What? When/Where? How? Why?) + 1 prior knowledge, question, prediction, inference, connection, or word you figured out using syntax/etymology/context clues
  2. Finish Great American Hero writing.
  3. Charge Chromebook!


Per. 1 (8:15-9:05) – Language Arts

Image result for academic vocabulary

Learning Target copy

Learning Target: Students will be able to acquire and use academic words and phrases.

On Classroom, open Academic Vocab L7 slides

Image result for martin luther king arrested

On Classroom, open Freedom Walkers Ch. 6 doc.

  • Point of View/Perspective Analysis


Image result for logos pathos ethos

Persuasive Techniques (review/preview)

Per. 2 (9:08-9:56) – Language Arts


Learning Target copyLearning Target: Students will be able to use language to persuade and express opinions.

On StudySync, open A Great American Hero assignment.

  • Intro
  • Read
  • Think

On StudySync, open Arguments and Claims assignment.

  • Define
  • Model
  • Vocab
  • Practice

Return to A Great American Hero and do Write tab.

Per. 3 (10:01-10:49) – Musical!

Warm Ups:

Full rehearsal of staging and songs in classroom


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